Thursday, March 5, 2009

Orange History -Acrylic on 8 foot canvas by Portola's Art Club

This is a representation of an early view of the city of Orange, California. The Orange Circle with the fountain can be seen in the middle of the houses. Santa Ana River is on the left and Santiago Creek on the right. The founders of Orange Chapman and Glassell can be seen on the lower right, Chapman is holding the California Bear Flag. Orange trees, sycamores, and oak trees is all that can be seen all the way to Saddleback. Click on the image to enlarge the painting.


  1. This is very beautiful! I think everyone did an amazing job! The trees look really real and the river looks like it's flowing. Though I think it looks kind of empty (but we're taking care of that right now so that's good). Great Job art club! :D

  2. it's coming along great!!!!!!!!!!!