Monday, March 16, 2009

Our Journey - Sumer Rahe

My name is Sumer Rahe and I traveled to California with Gaspar de Portola. We traveled far and wide, day and night to get to California. It was a tough journey through hot and cold weather, through weather like the desert most of the time. The worst part of our journey was when we got attacked by a bear. It was while we were sitting by a stream of water and all of a sudden it started to chases us. So we ran as fast as we possibly could and went back to our horses so we could get away. Lucky for us we did but hopefully we won't have any more run ins with a wild beast!
Once we got to California we passed through many different types of land but the best one was soon full of orange trees, oak trees,  beautiful flowers and more. After going through many names they decided on Orange because of all the beautiful orange trees. Soon people started passing through Orange and some stayed. As the population grew so did Orange, and eventually there were fountains and buildings and it was all because of Portola and I.
It was wonderful all the horses and oranges and nature and as it grew it just got better and alot bigger. Until the 21st century when cell phones and Ipods came into use. Computers also. Who wants to sit at the computer all night doing nothing but typing or looking at stupid things on the internet? I say that we should all turn back our clocks to the 1900's when all there was to do was play around in the forest. And what's with this grocery shopping thing? What happened to finding your own food or buying a crate of oranges with a bear hide? Oh well, all I need are my memories.

Sumer Rahe


  1. This story lovey and i like it when she wrote a story with her name is the first sentence.


  3. Nice font on the, uh, mural.
    -Vivian Ly