Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Future - Agnes Nguyen

I smiled as I took my first step onto the new land. I took in a deep breath and I looked at the tall oak trees and big, brown mountains and beautiful verdant hills that stood before me. I then looked over to my right and saw Gaspar de Portola, a tall, well-built man with a clean, trimmed white beard. He turned his head and looked at me and asked, "Are you ready?"
A gentle, salty breeze blew by and I swept my hair off of my face with my fingers. "Yes, yes I am," I replied and I saw another breeze rustle through the oak trees and made the grass slightly lean to one side. I looked behind me and stared at the soldiers slowly walking off the big, brown ships. And then I looked behind the ship, trying to look for my homeland, but all I saw was the large masses of gray clouds. I turned back to Gaspar and sighed, "This land is full of wilderness and I heard there were these men with brown skin, black hair, and headbands with feathers who would shoot you if you got on their land...."
Gaspar nodded, "Natives..."
I slowly nodded and I sighed again, "Do you still think we can do this?"
Gaspar was silent for a bit and then he slightly shook his head and said, "No...I don't think we can do this." A small smile played upon his thin lips, and he turned towards me and looked at me straight in the eyes, "Because I know we can do this."
I grinned and patted him on the back. He then patted my back and said, "Time to go my friend." I nodded and walked over towards my horse. I placed my foot in the stirrup and then swung my other leg over the horse and sat down on the saddle. I grabbed the reins and gently pulled on them. My horse slowly walked and then I saw Gaspar out of the corner of my eyes and we both gently kicked the sides of our horses. Our horses trotted, together, closer to the oak trees and brown mountains and verdant hills, closer to our future.
Agnes Nguyen  


  1. i love the moral and the coloring sooooooooooo cool

  2. i love the mural & the story. agnes is an amazing artist & writer. GOOD JOB!

  3. Dude!!!!!!!! this is like the perfect scene !_! $_$

  4. Finally, something good. Splendid coloring. The violin players near the water fountain add an elegant touch. Great story Agnes, I don't doubt that you are one of the most talented student/writers/artists in Portola.

    (Then again, Portola doesn't have much. Okay, kidding...xD)

    -Vivian Ly

  5. WOW
    agnes is really good:D
    -yvonne nguyen

  6. OMG AGGGIE BOO!!! ITS AMAZING! everything you do is amazing. lol ur agnes, dur xD

  7. w0w!!!! that is soo kool Agnes!!!! i like the guy..he's cute~ haha..JK!!