Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Three Day Fandango - Celina La

One day I was sitting on the ground next to the mission on El Camino Real. The bell rang, and rang. I was talking to my friend about the fandango that is going to last for three days. So I went to the park to get some oranges for the fandango, so we can have juice. I saw a coyote eating an orange. So we went an got alot of yummy looking oranges. Then i went home and made my famous homemade orange juice. It took me three hours to make three gallons, but I needed about five gallons because it needs to last three days. I was so happy and jumpy that I got very tired and took a long nap. I woke up that day at four o'clock pm, the fandango is in four hours. So I went to take a shower but the water was cold. Then I froze my butt off. I started to put on my dress and slippers. The dress is purple and made out of silk. I got ready and looked amazing in my dress. I started walking to the party. I saw a bear catching a fish for dinner. Then I saw a pregnant bear walking with her mate. I was so happy because of the fandango and that the bear was in love, which was so romantic. So I got o he fandango and put my orange juice on the table. I heard a band practicing, and I got a cup of orange juice for them for their thirst. They drank it all up. Then it was time for the fandango.
Celina La


  1. love it! it is from me any way

  2. I really like the dancing people and the foxes are very detailed! Excellent work!


  3. Ok, I need to critique on this(since no one here is going to do it anyway. Or even read this.), considering some things in there are really ticking me off. The things I drew.

    I think if I was another artist who saw this mural I'd say, "The girl who drew those dancing people really need to get some anatomy shoved in her face."

    Honestly, what is up with my anatomy?? Ugh, I want to tear it down and redraw it again.

    And those things are COYOTES. Not wolves, or whatever. Who ever heard of wolves with such anatomy? Wolves are furry and bulky with short muzzles. Not skinny and with long, thin muzzles! Is my art so mediocre that you can't even tell what I'm drawing? If those things are wolves then what are trees? A green cloud on a stick?

    But I guess the coloring is...good.

    -Vivian Ly

  4. um............. intresting story XD [just kidding ****]

  5. dang Vivi!!! no need to be so harsh about it!! it's pretty good to me!!!

    ~Cindy >.<

  6. haha hey its stephanie hoang!! (4th period) i like your people....vivi!!! your so harsh!!!!!!!! but i guess i know why you are....nice drawing celina!!!

    -Stephanie Hoang