Friday, March 13, 2009

My Journey With Portola - Diego Montiel

One day I was walking along El Camino Real when I saw Gaspar de Portola with Yorba riding their horses. They said, "hey do you need a ride somewhere?" I said "well yeah, where I'm headed is pretty far so yeah a ride will be helpful", so I got on and we went off. They told me they were trying to find Monterey Bay. We were on our way, after a few minutes we came through a town where we ate and heard musicians play their guitars and violins. It was all great but we had to keep on going so we packed up and started our journey towards the Monterey Bay. On our way we saw houses on the side little kids playing and a girl trying to catch a rabbit which was pretty funny because every time she reached to grab it the rabbit just ran away. As we kept going Portola and his company were naming the places we encountered. We arrived at a river which was really hard to cross because of the swiftness of the current. They kept searching for Monterey bay but failed to recognize it. When we reached the San Francisco Bay, Portola said, "wow....we are the first Europeans to see San Francisco and we didn't find Monterey but I'll be back to find it".