Friday, March 13, 2009

New Land - Frida Mejia

The sky was a dark gray as they traveled through the waters. The ship was big and rocked gently beneath the feet of the people. Some felt light headed and sick, while others enjoyed the vigor and the salt air that sprayed through the sea. I made my way up to the deck, holding onto the rail for dear life. I felt cold, and I could feel the color leaving my cheeks, draining out of my face. I walked up to a young man leaning over the railing, looking onto the water. I stood next to him; he didn't seem to notice.
"I'll never understand you know?" I looked towards him,"what are we even doing here?" he looked at me.
"What do you mean?"
"Why are we here?"
"I don't really know." I sighed.
"So we just dove into this blindly, not knowing what would happen, or where we will end up?"
"Basically," I took his hand, he shook it off.
"Why did we leave the comfort and familiarity that was home?" "Because we needed to start new?"
"Why are you saying it like a question?"
"You were the one that wanted to come on this expedition, not me, I just followed you. And boy, was I stupid! I'm cold and hungry and sick," I whined. He groaned and turned away from me. Guilt took over me and I sighed and took his hand again. "Things will be better," I nodded.

Frida Mejia


  1. Nice story and horse!

  2. The story is really good! ^^ The ship looks really really cool :D It's very detailed and it looks very accurate. And that scene with Father Serra makes me relaxed for some unknown reason xD

  3. Nice story. It's one of those stories worth reading.

  4. i like those girls next to the giant orange :D