Friday, March 13, 2009

Smile - Michelle Dinh

The sky was blue and cloudless and the sun shone brightly in the sky, covering the ocean with radiance. The ocean sparkled beneath the sun as the waves slowly rolled onto the shore. I walked along the shore and picked up a small stone and threw it into the sea. The stone skipped across the water, leaving ripples behind it. I slowly walked closer to the water and stopped. I stood there as the cold water crawled onto my feet. I closed my eyes and breathed in the salty air and slowly opened my eyes as a breeze brush by my face. I lifted my hand and brushed my hair back and looked at the horizon. My eyes squinted and I thought I saw something on the ocean. The figure slowly moved closer as my eyes widened. It was a ship!
I ran back to the village and quickly ran into my house.
'Ma! Pa!" I looked around frantically but I could not find them anywhere.
I saw my father coming in and I grabbed his shirt, "There's a ship in the ocean!"
He stared at me and after a moment, he ran outside. My mother saw him running and she asked me, "What's happening?"
I quickly told her, "There's a ship!"

She dropped her basket and scampered after my father. I followed them and stopped at the hill, looking at the small figures. I slowly walked down, hiding behind oak trees and boulders. I saw these brown animals that had a black tail. On top of them were men, clothed with swords and armor.
I saw a man with a long metal sword and brown leather boots. He had a long white coat and a turquoise hat. I stared at him as I walked closer to my parents. My eyes were glued to him and I did not realize where I was going. I felt my foot hitting against something hard, and before I knew it, I fell to the ground. My knees were bleeding and my hands were scraped. I clenched my hands and I felt something warm on my cheeks. I saw a shadow and I slowly looked up. It was that man.
He reached his hand to me and I slowly took it. He lifted me up and smiled at me, "Be careful". He walked away and left me dazed and astonished.
Michelle Dinh


  1. Yippe second. nice story and pics ^_^

  2. awww michelle! the story is sooo cool and the drawings are awesome!!!!
    I LOVE YOU =)


  3. nice drawing michelle
    -yvonne nguyen

  4. hi michelle
    i really like all the pictures
    ~your awesome~