Friday, March 13, 2009

Gaspar de Portola Expedition- NJ C Yazon

The day was bright and the sun shone above the vast grassland. We have just left the ship and the rest of the men are still tired from the long voyage. But Gaspar de Portola's words seem to give them strength to go on. Gaspar is calling me. I must leave.
I spoke wth Gaspar and he told me that we need to leave within an hour; it was almost noon and we needed to travel twenty miles before nightfall. I suggested that we postpone the trip one day, the men being tired from the voyage, but he kindly told me that there was no time to rest and that we must leave. He is a nice man, and his intentions were always good. The men trust him and will do every word he says. Now I must get some rest. It is a long journey ahead, and have not gotten any sleep for many a days. I can see a big boulder that will serve a very good resting place.
It is now dark, and the moon is shining brightly in the sky. We have traveled about ten miles, less than what we wanted to, but still on schedule. But all is not well. Earlier a bear jumped out from behind one of the trees, almost gnawing half of Bill's face off. But Bill just laughed it off, saying that his wife is sometimes worse than that. Gaspar told him to stay in one of the carts, unless another bear would jump out again. Bill laughed in agreement and went into one of the carts. I must now stop writing and go check on Bill; he has been talking in his sleep ever since we left. Some of the men get irritated by it, and would just wake him up or cover his face with bundles of cloth. I think I can hear him now.
It has been about a week since I last have written. I have been busy, but all that work was worth it. We now reached the bay of Monterey, and we are getting prepared for a a ceremony that will be held by the local inhabitants. I really am excited and cannot wait to tell everyone when I get back.
NJ C Yazon 


  1. The fountain was beautifully colored and drawn.

  2. I like some of the horses here, and nice story NJ.

  3. that was a cool story NJ =)


  4. That was amazing!!!! so detailed and beautifully drawn.It was good use of romantism during the fountain scene and the colors made me feel as if I was actually in there with Portola. Once again AWESOME!!!! <3

  5. by the way awesome story!!!! :3 XD :P :))

  6. they put alot of description into it plus the colors looks awesome