Thursday, March 19, 2009

Orange - Vivian Ly

I sat against the mission and watched the people chat and dance. Near them was Father Serra with his eyes closed, and Gaspar de Portola on a black horse. This was all near a vast ocean with gentle waves and a large ship just about to sail away. The ship was  
a deep brown, and its cream colored sails were a hint of orange reflected from the sunset above. The sunset was a gradient of orange and yellow and the sun was peeking out from purple mountains that overlooked oak trees and a river. The river had many fish swimming in it, and a large bear stood on the side of the river and hungrily watched the fish. A few yards away were many orange trees and coyotes resided in them, some lying down and some jumping around and yelping. As I looked at all of this I did not know whether to feel excited or disappointed. True, this new land would surely help my family and my people, but looking at all of this nature made me wonder if society was going to ruin it. Who are we to own whatever we find? As these thoughts ran through my mind I looked at the dancing people again. And I looked at the sign near the  
mission that read, "El Camino Real."
And I looked out at the coyotes and the bears and I wondered what that area was going to be once we take over it. What would it be called? I looked at the trees and saw something orange. As I squinted my eyes I saw they were oranges. I began to wonder how many more orange trees there were.

Vivian Ly


  1. hey this is a very beautiful picture!!! i love it!!!

  2. i like how you showed shape when you drew the orange!!!!!!

  3. waaa!!! aws0me mural Vivi!!! nice story too!!! 100%

  4. i love the story!! i like the mural too!!!!

  5. (i think this is vivi's picture) HEY!!! i wish i could draw like you...NICE WORK!!! :D love it

  6. I like the way you showed the light and darkness in the trees, i also like the way you showed the wolves as if they were creeping around everywhere.
    P.S. this mural is very cool

  7. i love how you drew those tree's kathleen!!