Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rancho Period - Jocelyn Lopez

This is the Rancho Period 1800-1850. The rancho period had a lot to it. Like the cattle that people owned and also all the land that many had. The people that owned land had skulls and rope to tie each skull in trees to mark the boundary of their land. They also had very hot days and tried to find shade under the insane heat that happens during the summer. There will usually be only one or two clouds in the sky during summer. After many Fall days have passed, people started getting ready for winter. They were picking out crops and cattle so they could cook during the winter. When winter will come it will get pretty cold and people will have to put their cattle in warm farms. People will stay beside fires that will keep them warm. After all that coldness, the Spring sun came out, new cattle will be born on the nice warm Earth and be with a family. 
Many people will plant their seeds for crops on their land. A lot of cattle will grow big and healthy getting ready for work on these lands.

 Jocelyn Lopez


  1. w0w!!! i really like the head thingie!! haha..and the ship is really nice too!!! i'm impressed!!!

  2. this is beautiful it shows texture and magnificent colors!!!!!