Friday, March 27, 2009

The Dream - Jaine Vasquez

One night when I was going to sleep I had a dream. In my dream I was awakened by the sound of horses running around. When I got to my feet I got startled by a horse that was close to me, the horse also got startled when I got to my feet, thinking that I might hurt it. I slowly went closer to the horse and reached out my hand to touch the horses head. The horse came up to me slowly and then I touched its head. Then I looked around to see where I was, which looked like a desert. In the desert I saw some houses, and they were made out of bricks and mud.
I looked around again then I saw a man riding a horse. He looked familiar from a picture that I saw once, his name was Gaspar de Portola. I asked him where I was and he said I was in California. I looked around and it didn't look like the California that I lived in, and I saw a lot of orange trees. I saw more horses running around then it got dusty and I started to cough from the dust. A horse came up to me and it looked like it wanted me to ride it. I got up on the horse and it started to run. When it was running I didn't have a chance to hold onto it and I suddenly fell off. Portola looked as if he was laughing at me, he got off his horse and went into a house. When he came out he had reigns to put on the horse, when he finished putting them on he showed me how to ride the horse.
Then we wre both ridng horses, and we went to a mission. There was a man , his name was Father Serra and he was in front of the mission greeting people who were coming to the mission. When Portola was going near the mission Father Serra greeted Portola. Portola said that he had to stay there to get some water for the horses and to sleep. The next day I woke up from a bench and I fell down to the floor. I got up painfully from the floor and went outside. I saw an orange tree close by and I got  an orange, peeled it and ate it. I saw the two horses awake eating hay and I went over to the horse that I rode and petted it. Then I saw Portola come out of the mission and thanked Father Serra. We got on the horses and continued to ride. Then we saw a fandango, there were people dancing and having a great time. There were women in  beautiful dresses and men in suits. We continued the ride then somehow I fell off and then I was seeing all kinds of different colors. Then I fell off of something again onto the hard ground, I suddenly wok up and looked around. All I saw was my dark room and I realized that I was dreaming and that I fell off of my bed. It was a dream after all.

Jaine Vasquez


  1. I love the father serra!!!!!! it is very detailed and the bricks in the mission look very textured!!!!!!!!

  2. I love how you drew the mural and how the story matched the picture exactly.And the backround looks so detailed!!I could tell it took a lot of work.