Friday, April 3, 2009

Portola Expedition - Eduardo Soto

In 1769 Gaspar and I and the crew set out to explore California. We sailed up to Monterey Bay and by horse went up through "El Camino Real" which was our path that led us to all sorts ot places. While on our journey we experienced the first earthquake. This was the first of the many experiences we have on this exploration. We all sailed in the San Carlos. The San Carlos was the ship that we used for much of our exploration. Our clothes were sombreros, mariachi looking pants, and ranchero shirts. This was when we got to meet Padre Juniperra Serra. He built the San Gabriel and San Juan Capistrano missions. The missions were all connected by the "El Camino Real" which they marked with bells. Then we also marked Orange County with a water fountain that was called the Orange circle.

Then after that Portola and I went to the fandango with our wives, the fandangos were dances. then we would also hunt for grizzly bear meat. At the end of the day we would get home and sleep but when it was morning we would feed our animals.

When we all had free time we would play a game. Then we would also try to build new things. We also explored with a guy named Yorba. The expedition was also a success and the land Yorba liked was later called Orange County. Then all of the other cities began.

by Eduardo Soto

artwork by Efrain Martinez, Luis Vasquez, Kalvin Labutong, and Eduardo Soto

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  1. i can't believe that you drew all of that it has so much color, texture, and value